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The Surprising Benefits of ACI Business VoIP

September 5, 2017
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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows individuals to bypass traditional phone lines and make phone calls using their broadband internet connection. VoIP works by turning sound into IP packets that are then transferred to their destination over the internet. In recent years, VoIP phone systems have become increasingly popular among businesses.

The most common reason business owners decide to switch their company to VoIP from a traditional phone service is due to the money they can save by doing so. The fact is that placing calls over VoIP is significantly cheaper than pay for, and maintaining, a traditional phone system. However, there are many more unique benefits that VoIP can provide over traditional Analog phone systems. If you are considering switching your business to VoIP but are undecided, here is a quick overview of a few of the most surprising benefits you could gain by doing so.

High Quality Calling

A common misconception about VoIP that makes some business owners question switching is that they believe that the call quality will not be as good, or as reliable, with VoIP. The important thing to remember is that since VoIP utilizes your internet connection to make calls, your call quality will depend on your internet speed. If your business has a reliable internet service provider and access to high-speed broadband or fiber-optic internet, then you will likely find that your call quality is equal to, or even better than, that of a traditional phone line.

Convenience and Portability

One of the greatest benefits of VoIP phone systems is that they are portable. Unlike traditional phone lines, which generally can only be accessed from a single location, with VoIP you can use your business phone line from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that do a lot of travel, as employees can continue to connect with colleagues and clients no matter where they are. With VoIP you will see an overall increase in productivity due to the extent to which these phone systems helps keep your business connected.

Better Features

VoIP allows users to do much more than simply make calls, as there are a variety of features that can be integrated into these systems. For instance, VoIP gives you access to video-conferencing, as well as file and document sharing. This can allow you to conduct meetings with business partners and clients around the world from your main office, which can help to cut back on travel expenses. Additionally, you will have access to a variety of other features unique to VoIP such as voicemail to text transcription services, which sends a text copy of your voicemails to your computer, which can make these messages easier to respond to at your leisure. Such features are not available with traditional phone lines, and will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

Easily Scalable

With traditional phone systems, if you need to scale your system up and add new lines as your business grows, this requires complex rewiring which can be costly and time-consuming. Contrarily, VoIP systems are easily scaled, as adding or removing a line simply requires software changes, making these systems much easier to manage than their traditional counterparts.

While many business owners start looking in VoIP phone systems due to the substantial savings switching could bring to their business, they are often surprised to discover just how many benefits VoIP provides over traditional phone systems. Contact us to learn more about VoIP including the unique, and surprising, benefits these systems provide, as well as to find out about switching your business to a VoIP phone system today.

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