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MPLS Network: Improve The Reliability And Performance Of Your Business

October 18, 2017
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Are you considering making upgrades to your telecom infrastructure? Are you hoping to improve the performance of your telecom services? Are you hoping to get more bandwidth and have more flexibility? Maybe you are looking for all these things. Thankfully, there are technologies that can give you everything you need and more.

MPLS(Multiprotocol Layer Switching) is a flexible and scalable method for networks that are known for their high performance, regardless of what type of industry they are in. Why should you consider using an MPLS network?

MPLS gives your business the ability to grow from within, without having to add a significant amount of additional hardware. An MPLS network uses communications through a cloud-based network. Each node on the MPLS network will have the ability to connect to the network providers. When you are using a router interface, your networks are connected from point to point. MPLS gives your business the ability to add new connections remotely without having to add new hardware to the primary site. This means your business will have the ability to grow without having to spend an excessive amount of money.

There are various benefits of an MPLS network, and the benefits are not just restricted to the network being scalable. Some of the benefits of MPLS include some of the following:

  • Your uptime will be improved because you will have more than one network alternative
  • Since MPLS gives you more than one traffic type, your network’s bandwidth utilization will be greatly improved
  • When your business uses an MPLS network, you will not have to worry about a significant amount of network congestion. MPLS allows you to utilize the different paths for traffic
  • The experiences of your customers and clients will be improved because you will have various Classes of Service

If your business or organization has a carrier network or a Wide Area Network, MPLS will certainly be well-suited for your business. There are different situations where MPLS is highly useful, including the following:


MPLS is well-suited in a situation where more than one type of traffic shares one data connection, where a few types of traffic need to be placed above others when it comes to priorities.

A Reduction In Uptime Is Needed

Uptime is always important, right? If uptime is a top priority for your business, you should certainly take a good look at Multi-Protocol Label Switching. Some locations have various connections so that there will always be an alternative path.

Avoiding Network Congestion

If you are worried that network congestion is going to take your business downhill, MPLS is well-suited for your business. If network congestion occurs too frequently, you should consider an MPLS network.

New Locations

If your business or organization is preparing to open a new site, MPLS will allow you to connect to various locations.

Additional Benefits Of MPLS

  • Depending on your current choice of class network, you may be able to reduce your operating costs significantly. Reducing your costs will not mean you will have to jeopardize your reliability because MPLS allows you to produce a high level of reliability.
  • It does not matter what direction your business is going, MPLS will be able to respond to any business needs.
  • Faster response time as a result of lower packet loss.
  • You will have the option to deliver internet access that is firewalled.
  • You will have the ability to know exactly what is going on with your network because of online reporting.

Are you looking to implement a new network? Are you looking to upgrade your current network? Contact us today with your questions.

It's only fair to share...Share on LinkedInShare on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+
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