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Let A Colocation Center Give Your Business Stability

August 21, 2017
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What is one of the most critical pieces to your business operations? We think one of the most critical pieces is data reliability. If your business is considering colocation services, dependability, protection, and reliability are some of the main benefits. In addition to saving money, the security measures, flexibility, and scalability can give your business the data protection you need. Moving to colocation will mean you will not have to spend a significant amount of money, time, and effort into protecting your data.

When you team up with the right colocation provider, you will be able to protect your business assets. You will also be able to protect your data against hurricanes, tornadoes, other natural disasters, power failures, and other things that can destroy your data and equipment.

While you are in your search for a colocation provider, it is important that you understand all the potential sources of failure and destruction. When you understand the risks and you know how your data can be compromised, you will be able to make sure you have the proper protection at all times.

Some of the common failures that can occur in the event of a natural disaster or other event are listed below:

1. Building: A building failure occurs when something such as a natural disaster or severe weather causes the entire building to lose power.

2. Hardware: Hardware failure takes place when your business’s hardware malfunctions.

3. Data Center: Your business’s data can be in jeopardy if the data center you are using has hardware problems, power issues, or connectivity issues.

Power Issues

Severe weather, natural disasters, and other failures can cause data availability problems. The colocation provider you choose should have power backups on-site that can last for a significant amount of time because some power outages can last for more than a couple of hours. The right colocation provider will be connected to another power grid that will reduce the chances of severe weather taking your data offline.

Equipment Cooling

It is important that your colocation provider has high-efficient cooling systems. High-efficient cooling systems will be used to maintain your hardware, and these systems will be used to make sure your operations will run for a significant period of time. The design of the cooling systems that your colocation center provides will be crucial to ensuring you will have steady temperatures on a consistent basis.

Colocation Locations

We are all aware of how sneaky vandalists, thieves, and other criminals can be. This is why it is so important for a colocation data center to have the proper security measures in place. When you are searching for the right colocation center to use for your business operations, you should ask questions about the colocation center’s security measures.

Will the colocation center have someone on staff at all times to make sure there is no vandalism, break-ins, or any other type of destruction? It is important that a colocation center has local backup locations to protect its customers’ data against any type of destruction. Local backups and remote backups will mean your business will have improved business continuity if any issues do take place that may cause damage to your data.

Your business should plan for everything, including the chances that natural disaster can take place at any given time. A colocation center will have more services, features, and security measures in place than the servers that are in a room in your business. When your business uses a proper colocation center, you will be able to continue operating at 100 percent after a disaster, power failure, or cooling issue takes place.

Contact us today if you are ready to create a safe, secure, and dependable environment for your business operations.

It's only fair to share...Share on LinkedInShare on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+
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