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Colocation Saves Your Business Data From Unexpected Disasters

June 12, 2017
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When it comes to disasters, we always try to prognosticate what could happen. For your business, you might think you know everything that could happen, but do you really? The unexpected is always more prevalent than what we expect. Businesses are particularly vulnerable to this since natural and man-made disasters seem to continually increase.

With the weather and cyber threats seeming more intense than ever, it’s time to think seriously about what you need to protect in your business’s location. If you’ve built an on-site data center to protect your data, you’re upping your risk exponentially.

What would happen if the building you own suddenly became destroyed? The same goes with a left-field cyber attack.

Colocation solves many of these disasters you won’t see coming.

Colocation Facilities Protect Against Natural Disasters

When you send your data to a colocation facility, you’re placing your data in good hands. They have safeguards in place that protect against major threats from nature. This includes fire, floods, and earthquakes.

Storing your data in these locations assures they’ll have backups of the backup, so if there’s a cataclysm, your data is still going to exist in another place. Having this available could save your business life in a time when most other businesses would likely go under.

Recent statistics from Nationwide show two out of every three businesses still have no disaster recovery plan in place. It tells you a lot about what’s going to happen to all their data when nature strikes again.

Protecting Against Forced Entry

One disaster you probably don’t think much about is forced entry and a thief stealing your data in person. We live in such a digital age that you may think most data theft occurs online. Most of it does. Yet, stealing it in person could become more dangerous since the culprit could use the data immediately for their own gain.

Quality colocation facilities have strong security in place to avoid forced entry. Security is probably something you don’t want to spend money on, especially security guards for overnight observation. Plus, security equipment costs considerable money, including ones with video capability.

The colocation center you hire won’t leave you second-guessing on what could happen. Part of this includes preventing unethical employees in your business from stealing data without your knowledge.

Protecting Against Cyber Attacks

No doubt you fret every day hearing about the increase in ransomware, including DDoS attacks. All of these are easy to catch by an employee simply opening an email. Once these viruses take over, your data could become jeopardized, including perhaps never getting it back if held for ransom.

Why take the risk with your data? Placing all your most critical data in a colocation facility assures you won’t have to worry about cyber attacks. These centers are complete data fortresses, including investing in the latest cyber security technologies.

Relying on colocation saves your budget from having to constantly update your online security tools, even if you should have them anyway for complete safety.

Preventing Downtime From a Simple Power Outage

Sometimes the biggest disaster can occur from something simple. On occasion, it’s maybe a squirrel who wanders into a power plant, meddles a little too much, and brings down the entire local power grid in seconds.

That power outage could go on for an entire day, hence bringing down all operations in your business. Without a generator to keep things running, you’ll be losing money as each hour passes.

After just one day of downtime, you could lose enough money to place your business in financial jeopardy.

Now you see why colocation is so essential. They’ll always have generators available to keep your data safe during a power outage of any length.

Contact us at Accelerated Connections, Inc. to ask about our colocation services. We serve all businesses within Toronto, Canada and beyond.

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