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Case Study: Credit Canada

October 19, 2017
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Credit Canada

Company Overview  

Credit Canada is a non-profit organization that provides credit counselling and debt consolidation solutions for people experiencing debt problems and financial distress.

We provide service to over 60,000 people annually and deliver our services across Canada.

Our business model relies heavily on phone communication. The bulk of our initial client engagements are done by phone, either through inbound calls or outbound calls in response to online inquiries. Our credit counselling appointments are often conducted over the phone as this service method works well for many of our clients. Our Debt Consolidation Programs entail frequent phone communication as we broker arrangements between our client and their creditors and communicate with both parties to facilitate the program and bring it to successful completion.

Previous business challenge and limitations 

Prior to working with ACI, we were hosting an on-premise PBX to manage our phone communications. With our on-premise PBX we had encountered down time issues related to periodic hardware failures and issues with our PRI. Our remote locations connected to the main PBX via VOIP connections, however these phone connections suffered from latency and jitter with periodic dropped calls. We were limited in our ability to make full use of our PBX’s capabilities as the programming interface was quite complex and we were on our own to make programming changes to the system.

As a smaller call centre we were challenged to maintain service levels when we experienced temporary spikes in call volume. In cases where call volumes rose unexpectedly, we would need to have backup staff temporarily login to the call centre in response to reactive alerts indicating that our service levels had dropped. We lacked full visibility into our call centre activity and were unable to program complex call flows that could allow us to dynamically allocate backup staff in cases where call volumes spiked.

Solution Requirements

To upgrade our phone system, we sought a hosted phone solution that would remove the need for us to maintain the underlying system hardware and would ensure a high degree of availability. The solution would need to integrate our head office and branch offices into a single unified phone system delivered reliably over our existing internet connections. 

Our new phone solution would need to provide us with better tools to maintain service levels in response to unexpected spikes in call volume. The new solution would need to enable managers and other staff to act as backup support for high priority queues while ensuring that they only receive calls in the event of a spike in call volume that ties up all of our primary agents. The solution would also need to incorporate a call back feature which would allow callers to request a call back in the event that they no longer wish to wait on a hold for an available agent.

Finally, our new phone solution would need to incorporate more robust real-time call centre reporting and alerts that would enable us to quickly identify service level reductions and respond accordingly. The solution would need to provide greater visibility into agent activity so that we could ensure that our agents were operating according to the guidelines set out for them.


Accelerated Connections

Maintaining existing PRI’s and in-house call managers can provide you personal control, however there is a significant cost attached. IT Managers, Consultants and technicians need to be hired to maintain equipment and work with any moves, adds and changes. Remote users and multiple office also pose difficulties as the requirements for additional investments in hardware grow. Likewise as your organization grows so must your concern for power failures, telecommunications black outs and hardware issues. These can easily add additional costs for maintenance to ensure you are always online and not losing any potential organizational revenue. Additionally, feature functionalities of a carrier grade platform to manage your organization more efficiently come at a very expensive cost. These are all very similar issues Credit Canada was experiencing.

Switching from in-house managed PRI’s and PBX to a hosted cloud solution brings a new level of feature functionality, security, value and monthly cost reduction. While the switch might seem complex since it involves taking out all existing hardware and replacing it with a brand new phone system, it’s a very small price to pay for the value proposed. The installation itself is seamless.

While it is very easy to obtain information and quotes on HPBX solutions organizations need to focus on the value propositions. The value of HPBX dose not only rely in technology, but also in the way the provider offers and manages the solution

Solution offered by ACI 

Upon evaluation of Credit Canada’s environment, Accelerated Connections proposed a robust, flexible and feature-rich alternative to managing an on premise PRI and PBX solution.

The ACI Carrier grade Hosted PBX solution coupled with ACI Cloud Contact Center, provides a fully managed and maintained phone system ensuring you are always online and functioning for employees and clients. All move, add and change request are easily fulfilled by contacting a dedicated support center with 13 second answer times for live technicians. Instead of acting as a vendor, ACI positions itself as an extension to your existing IT department.

High degree of availability is ensured by utilizing by utilizing redundant ACI carrier grade HPBX platform ensuring no calls are missed even during power outages or hardware failures. The ACI HPBX platform is hosted within ACI built redundant data centers which never experienced a power outage or failure.

Unifying all of Credit Canadas offices were met with ease. The ACI HPBX solution functions anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connections. Each successful call requires 100Kbps of your internet connections bandwidth.

The ACI carrier grade HPBX solution is equipped with all modern features which provide anything from enhanced call center control, reports to simple voice mail to email functionalities. All modern functions needed in todays office environment to successfully keep connected and improve efficiencies.


It's only fair to share...Share on LinkedInShare on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+
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